Youth Season Deadline Extended

New Deadline October 7

So many matches have not been played, we have decided to extend the youth season to October 7 (the same date that the adult season ends). Note: The deadline for the Youth Scholarships remains unchanged (September 15).

2019 - Donna Lenseigne Memorial Youth Tennis Scholarships -2019

Announcing the 2019 TAGS Youth Tennis Scholarship program, named in honor of Donna Lenseigne. Donna was a TAGS board member who transformed the Gonzaga Prep girls’ tennis program and passed away unexpectedly in July 2010, at the age of 51. You must be a registered TAGS player under the age of 18 to apply for the scholarships.
For more information and the application form, click Here.

Free Tennis Clinic / Pizza Party

Six youth members enjoyed a three-hour tennis party at the Spokane Racquet Club on July 14. Three singles matches were completed and a free tennis clinic was provided by local pro John Gant.

Youth Leagues

2019 is Year 2 of the TAGS Summer Youth League. Play started June 7, with 3 leagues - girls' singles, boys' singles, and a doubles league that includes girls', boys', and mixed doubles teams.
Registered players will find their opponents' contact information on this web site, then arrange for the times and locations of their matches. (Keep in mind, please, that the numbers and emails listed will sometimes be for the parents, not the players.)

Matches are played best two out of three sets, regular ad scoring, with a 10-point tie breaker in lieu of a full third set, if necessary. Players can agree beforehand to a full third set, or other score-keeping, if necessary for time, weather, or other reasons.
After each match, the winning player or team should come back to this website to report the scores. The form is the same form used for the adult leagues, but you can choose the appropriate league from the drop down menu.
Youth League Scores and Standings are posted Here. Players who complete all of their matches will receive a custom TAGS t-shirt. Check this page from time to time for announcements of special events, tournaments, and tennis parties.

If you have questions, comments, or any difficulties using this website, contact us here.

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